Who We Are

ZYLOFON MEDIA COMPANY LIMITED is limited liability company duly registered and incorporated in Ghana by the company’s Act of 1963 (ACT 179).

We are a multimedia entertainment company established to supply profitable, acceptable, audio and visual entertainment to diverse domestic and international consumers. The company is committed to professionally produce impeccable creative arts works that would be domestically edible and to transcends borders, as we firmly believe that, quality edible art works can be produced without lowering societal moral standards in a quest for commercial appeal.

We plan to produce indigenous artists and art works that would fit universal standards. These would cover a broad spectrum of the Creative Arts industry, in music; it would span from Hi & hip Life, Jazz, Contemporary Christian Music, Dancehall, Reggae, Rock and so on, whereas the movie productions would mirror every aspect of global socio-culture, economic and political phases, worthy of our lenses to be subject to our editorial policy in our bid to inform, educate and entertain. The company already has established ties with various artists in the industry, and plans to search for new artists to market and produce.

Our Vision

To create an avenue where all creative artist would have the platform, tools, knowledge and requisite technology ,that would enable them to exploit their talents in the ever-changing world of digital art works.

Our Mission

To establish a creative artists community, equipped with available platform, tools, technology and knowledge required to exploit talents, in enhancing a maximized revenue in the existing and emerging opportunities in the creative digital market place.

Quality Policy Objective

We at Zylofon Media Company Limited ,are committed to becoming and art label of choice, by providing superior Product of the highest Professional Quality ,building long term relationship with client and patrons whilst maintaining a conductive family atmosphere.

What We Do

Events Management

Our committed and enterprising events planning and management team headed by the events manager, cogitates in settling on the most workable, impactful, exciting and cost effective amongst other factors, in settling on a plan for all events such as, festivals, conferences, formal parties, weddings, concerts, awards, carnivals, and so on.

Mass Media Production

This involves the company’s resolve to the production of both print and electronic media works, such as newspapers, journals, magazines, music, movies, television commercials, poetry, sketch art and craft, fashion oriented art works, paintings and cosmetology with recourse to timely, quality and professional urge.

Creative Arts Production

Aside the technical know-how we wield and the world class multimedia productions equipment we have, of which we deploy in the discharge of our duties by means of the state of the art productions we undertake, we also partner with bodies and members of the general public desirous of producing or sponsoring a creative work but may be handicapped owing to technical, equipment and financial capacity, Zylofon Media enters into memorandums with groups and persons, making provisions to the said deficit to realize the objective for mutual benefits.

Talents Grooming & Management

Our very potent, well experienced and competent artiste and repertoire department members are continuously on the move in scouting for new talents to be subscribed, groomed and managed by way of inculcating into these yet to be, new and existing artiste in the creative arts industry the dictates of show business in our bid to churn out world class artiste, producing works that would meet universal standards.

Marketing & Promotions

The company prides itself with a very vibrant, assertive and aggression marketing department that creates general awareness of our creative works and that of our business associates and proceeds to effect pretty sales.
In view of the above, we urge all creative works patent rights owners seeking to publicize or effect sales to maximize revenue to refer such concerns to the company for an immediate and swift remedy.

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